“Eine wirklich gute Idee erkennt man daran, dass ihre Verwirklichung von vorn herein ausgeschlossen erschien.”
– Albert Einstein

Innovation. Passion. Conscientiousness. Agality.

These are the core elements of our way of working. We are looking forward to working with you!

Agile Software Development, Innovative Products, Expert Knowledge and a Great Team

About us

We are a complementary team with many years of experience in research and practice. Our team members have published in renowned scientific journals. In addition, we have already won several innovation awards.

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Thanks to our valuable experience in research, we can offer you specific expertise in the fields of software development and data science. Especially in the areas of Deep Learing, Machine Learning and Data Mining, we can offer you a distinct field of competence.

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Our specific expertise has enabled us to develop innovative products based on modern technologies. Our focus is on chatbot applications for instant messengers.

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